Jess Halverson Bowyer © 2017

Design Strategy Case Study
Client: Heal Your Disease
Strategic Goals: To create a website and content strategy to facilitate our client’s goal of become a leading expert in the natural and holistic health arena, while sticking within a tight design and development budget.  
My Role: Content strategy, project management, writing, research, client communications, user flow and UX as well as art direction collaboration with the designer. I was part of a three person team of myself, the brand/site designer, and the developer.
Successes: We were able to take a client who was unsure what direction to go with his new online business and use the design process for the website and content strategy to inform his actual business strategy. In this way, I acted as a consultant as much as communications expert for this project, from providing recommendations on improving process and learning resources for the client to doing the direct work of populating the new site with content and managing the designer and developer to make the brand and website a real success that will also help build the client’s credibility as well as spread his ideas.