Jess Halverson Bowyer © 2017
Case Study: Using Video to Tell Stories

Client: Indiana CPA Society
Strategic Goals: To meet various strategic plan goals such as increasing membership and improving the view of the CPA profession using video as a new communication tool, previous not utilized by the Indiana CPA Society.
My Role: Creating and implementing the video strategy for the Indiana CPA Society, including advocating internally for this to happen. The communications department originally hired me to start making videos for them alongside the graphic design role. I was able to work with the communications team to finesse this view and fought to use video when and how it should be used, to tell visual stories and entertain while informing, not just to “check the video box” because that’s what everyone else was doing.   

Successes: The primary success was creating a video strategy and library of videos for the Society from scratch, after beginning the job with little to no video experience. I taught myself video primarily by doing, and when I moved from my full-time communications role to the strategist position, was able to pass along the expectation of video to the new designer. I also worked with the communications team to integrate video into existing communications platforms, such as the magazine and email marketing. Now the Society relies on videos naturally when needed, which has been especially useful in marketing and user education for the CPA Center of Excellence.