Jess Halverson Bowyer © 2017

Case Study: Day in the Life
Client: CPA INPerspective magazine, Indiana CPA Society
Strategic Goals: To increase and retain members of the Indiana CPA Society by highlighting our successful members, using the principal of  the bandwagon effect to attract CPAs who seek the same successes, while also fulfilling a secondary strategic goal of enhancing the public sentiment of all CPAs.
My Role: Photography, video filming and production, editorial design and promoting the use of the video and photos in our marketing materials.   

Successes: In creating the videos to accompany this magazine feature, I focused on telling the stories of our members and humanizing often-stereotyped accountants. I crafted interview questions and edited the footage to show our members in the best light, and in the process these Day in the Life videos were by far our most viewed on YouTube, and likely would continue to be. I then advocated for the continued development and marketing of the series. Due to the success of these videos, our YouTube views often outranked other state CPA societies with larger memberships than ours.