Jess Halverson Bowyer © 2017

Client: Indiana CPA Society / CPA Center of Excellence
Strategic Goals: To create a new subsidiary company from the Indiana CPA Society tasked with envisioning the future for CPAs, where soft skills become the primary skill as financial tasks become more automated. The main vision was not only to educate our members about the need to adapt for this quickly approaching future, but also to change the CPA license education model to support this type of learning, while developing the products ourselves.
My Role: I began this project while in the role of Creative Services Manager, creating the logo and brand, designing the book and online courses, and eventually teaching myself Wordpress to create a website to sell these products after hours. Then, in the strategist position, I became the lead on all of the ins and outs of the project, from planning and creation through to implementation, sales, writing for the blog and IT troubleshooting. 
Successes: We created an innovation-based startup for a conservative profession, and began to develop major changes for CPAs in the process. The CPA Center of Excellence has been recognized by industry leaders, and was written about in multiple accounting publications and won multiple awards since the founding in 2014. Support is building among membership, and I worked in a design-based framework: designing, building, launching, and then getting user feedback to further iterate.