Jess Halverson Bowyer © 2017

Case Study: Building Membership in Print
Client: Indiana CPA Society
Strategic Goals: To inspire CPAs to become, or stay, members of the Society by appealing to them on a personal level, using design to cater to specific audiences within our membership base, such as students, young professionals, public vs. industry members and experienced members.
My Role: Art direction and editorial design.

Successes: During my tenure as the designer for the Society, my largest goal was to find the balance between making an annual piece feel fresh and relevant, professional enough for a conservative audience, and to know when was the right time to make a design change in a resource allocation sense. After working with the communications manager and different stakeholders for a time, I grew to know when to approach with a new design and get it accepted vs. when it was time to wait, a skill the communications director complimented me on. During my time I did complete concept reworks of the magazine, membership recruitment packets, student communications and conference marketing materials, which were met favorably by the membership.