Jess Halverson Bowyer © 2017

Case Study: John Strange Garden
Client: John Strange Elementary School 
Strategic Goals: To create a school garden from the ground up for John Strange Elementary School, from building support among staff, parents and kids, to physically building the garden to creating after-school curriculum and bringing produce into the school cafeteria. This was the project I chose to meet my Master Gardener certification requirements.
My Role: This project was my purpose for joining the John Strange PTO that year, with a child at the school. I knew of the many benefits of school gardens for students, and wanted our John Strange kids to have access to that. 

Successes: This was a “grassroots” project, and I started at the beginning by getting support from the school leadership and PTO, then created a proposal. Much of my time in the beginning was spent on research. From there it was creating the timeline and plan, designing the garden, ordering and receiving the supplies, organizing parent volunteers, and running an after-school garden club for students. In the fall, we harvested and brought vegetables to the school kitchen for use on the salad bar. It was a multi-faceted project that taught me as much about project management as it did about gardening.
Case Study: Using Video to Tell Stories

Client: Indiana CPA Society
Strategic Goals: To meet various strategic plan goals such as increasing membership and improving the view of the CPA profession using video as a new communication tool, previous not utilized by the Indiana CPA Society.
My Role: Creating and implementing the video strategy for the Indiana CPA Society, including advocating internally for this to happen. The communications department originally hired me to start making videos for them alongside the graphic design role. I was able to work with the communications team to finesse this view and fought to use video when and how it should be used, to tell visual stories and entertain while informing, not just to “check the video box” because that’s what everyone else was doing.   

Successes: The primary success was creating a video strategy and library of videos for the Society from scratch, after beginning the job with little to no video experience. I taught myself video primarily by doing, and when I moved from my full-time communications role to the strategist position, was able to pass along the expectation of video to the new designer. I also worked with the communications team to integrate video into existing communications platforms, such as the magazine and email marketing. Now the Society relies on videos naturally when needed, which has been especially useful in marketing and user education for the CPA Center of Excellence.

Client: Indiana CPA Society / CPA Center of Excellence
Strategic Goals: To create a new subsidiary company from the Indiana CPA Society tasked with envisioning the future for CPAs, where soft skills become the primary skill as financial tasks become more automated. The main vision was not only to educate our members about the need to adapt for this quickly approaching future, but also to change the CPA license education model to support this type of learning, while developing the products ourselves.
My Role: I began this project while in the role of Creative Services Manager, creating the logo and brand, designing the book and online courses, and eventually teaching myself Wordpress to create a website to sell these products after hours. Then, in the strategist position, I became the lead on all of the ins and outs of the project, from planning and creation through to implementation, sales, writing for the blog and IT troubleshooting. 
Successes: We created an innovation-based startup for a conservative profession, and began to develop major changes for CPAs in the process. The CPA Center of Excellence has been recognized by industry leaders, and was written about in multiple accounting publications and won multiple awards since the founding in 2014. Support is building among membership, and I worked in a design-based framework: designing, building, launching, and then getting user feedback to further iterate.

Case Study: Day in the Life
Client: CPA INPerspective magazine, Indiana CPA Society
Strategic Goals: To increase and retain members of the Indiana CPA Society by highlighting our successful members, using the principal of  the bandwagon effect to attract CPAs who seek the same successes, while also fulfilling a secondary strategic goal of enhancing the public sentiment of all CPAs.
My Role: Photography, video filming and production, editorial design and promoting the use of the video and photos in our marketing materials.   

Successes: In creating the videos to accompany this magazine feature, I focused on telling the stories of our members and humanizing often-stereotyped accountants. I crafted interview questions and edited the footage to show our members in the best light, and in the process these Day in the Life videos were by far our most viewed on YouTube, and likely would continue to be. I then advocated for the continued development and marketing of the series. Due to the success of these videos, our YouTube views often outranked other state CPA societies with larger memberships than ours.

Case Study: Building Membership in Print
Client: Indiana CPA Society
Strategic Goals: To inspire CPAs to become, or stay, members of the Society by appealing to them on a personal level, using design to cater to specific audiences within our membership base, such as students, young professionals, public vs. industry members and experienced members.
My Role: Art direction and editorial design.

Successes: During my tenure as the designer for the Society, my largest goal was to find the balance between making an annual piece feel fresh and relevant, professional enough for a conservative audience, and to know when was the right time to make a design change in a resource allocation sense. After working with the communications manager and different stakeholders for a time, I grew to know when to approach with a new design and get it accepted vs. when it was time to wait, a skill the communications director complimented me on. During my time I did complete concept reworks of the magazine, membership recruitment packets, student communications and conference marketing materials, which were met favorably by the membership.

Design Strategy Case Study
Client: Heal Your Disease
Strategic Goals: To create a website and content strategy to facilitate our client’s goal of become a leading expert in the natural and holistic health arena, while sticking within a tight design and development budget.  
My Role: Content strategy, project management, writing, research, client communications, user flow and UX as well as art direction collaboration with the designer. I was part of a three person team of myself, the brand/site designer, and the developer.
Successes: We were able to take a client who was unsure what direction to go with his new online business and use the design process for the website and content strategy to inform his actual business strategy. In this way, I acted as a consultant as much as communications expert for this project, from providing recommendations on improving process and learning resources for the client to doing the direct work of populating the new site with content and managing the designer and developer to make the brand and website a real success that will also help build the client’s credibility as well as spread his ideas.